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If you're interested in joining the site, please come here and make sure to read all of our rules and fill out the application given correctly, a Staff member will accept you as soon as possible!

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No New Posts General Discussion

The main OOC board for the site, where the members communicate, and chit chat amongst each other. Came here to talk about completely random things, come here to muse about life's mysteries, or if you need someone to confide in, you should find them here.

Moderator: Brii

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No New Posts Updates

If you need information updated, post here, in the appropriate area. From points, to cubs, to deaths, ect.

Sub-board: Cub Requests

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No New Posts Chat Log

RPs that occur anywhere other than the boards need to be recorded here for all to read! If they are not logged, it's as if they didn't happen! Which is bad, very bad.

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No New Posts Starlight Studios

For all of your graphical needs! Meant in a non-perverted way, of course. If you have extra time or just like to share your splendid skills, then create a studio here for members to request graphics from you. Or if you need a picture or an avatar, search among the designers to see if you find a style that tickles your fancy.

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No New Posts Graphic Storage

Have some pictures, avatars - or just want to try out some colors for your characters look? Come here. There's a hex table here for your use, so have fun!

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No New Posts Contests!

YUP, all wonderful and fun contests go here. <3

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No New Posts Suggestions/Bugs

See any bugs on the site, it's important that you tell the admin about this at once so it can be fixed. OR perhaps you have a suggestion for the site? The Admin team will gladly consider anything and everything you have to say! Don't be afraid to speak your mind! <3

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No New Posts Adoptions

For parents to find rpers for their cubs, or for members to come and find a cub to rp! But not only that, if you have any character that you have created, whom needs a loving rper, then post them here with an application and someone is sure to come and adopt.

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No New Posts Archives

When a thread is finished or if it has died and is beginning to rot; the staff will send it here to rest in peace. If your thread has been sent here by accident, politely ask one of the staff to revive it and they gladly will. Otherwise; if you need to look something up from a past rp, ect, this is the place.

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No New Posts Character Infomation

Come here to save and put up your characters information. Each person may only have ONE thread per character.

Moderators: Grim, switch, spout, Leaf III

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Character Information

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No New Posts Character Profiles

Once your character has been approved/accepted by a member of the Admin team, feel free to make a thread to act as the Character's Profile. Only one Character per thread.

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No New Posts Cub Records

After posting in the 'Update' Boards with the appropriate information, post your cub stats here to be approved. (In order to prevent any bizarre characters with unapproved traits). Stickied to the top will be the Cub records themselves, a list of all cubs born on the site - by who - and when.

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No New Posts Death Records

Once your character dies, their profile is sent here. All Previous characters that have died for one reason or another will be listed here as well with date; and how.

1 1 Deaths
by switch
May 5, 2010 20:19:14 GMT -5


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No New Posts Southern Borders

The Southern Borders is a long plain with no particular kind of scenery. It is one of the hottest places in Starlight, with the river being the only water for miles until you get to the neutral lands. The Southern Borders is the main way most rogues enter Starlight. It's basically an enterance by the Endless Plains. Travelling through it is the large Bure river, provinding the necessary water, as the Southern Borders as a whole is a very dry place. It is easy to get lost, as the Borders are vast and unrelenting.

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No New Posts Mystal Ridge

The Ridge had been once infamous. It is basically a large mound of sharp, jagged rocks that are fairly small compared to the large one that looms farther over the land. This is a prime place for meetings as well as social gatherings; it is half open and half confined territory. The land around the heap of rocks is bear due to the lack of sunlight warded off by the looming ridge. However, small trees and green grasses dot around the area.

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No New Posts Durus Creek

As one of the more lush territories, Durus Creek is a popular place of relaxation and security. At the center of the territory there is a large creek that runs right down the middle. Surrounding that creek is a thick and lush area of forest and foliage. It is very cool there since the trees block out most of the sunlight, but it can be humid every so often, but not as bad as a rainforest would be. The creek's water is clear and fresh, and many travelers stay here with the extra, but not abundant, prey life.

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No New Posts Catton Green

Catton Green is a very lovely place, which is also an exceptional place to let cubs play without fear. The territory is nice and lush with tall green grasses and a few trees and strubs lining the area. Many lions find this area very comfortable as well; it is also very cool in this area and it's a nice release from a hot summer's day without running to the closest water source. Though, it is advised that lions take caution during the wet season because the ground gets very slick and muddy.

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No New Posts Mirratt Hills

Like Catton Green, the Mirratt Hills is a great place to bring cubs. The territory is fairly large with large rolling hills that seem like waves in a soft green ocean. Flowers and some shrubs grow towards the outside of the territory and few flowers grow in the depressions of the hills. The grass is soft and green and in a thick blanket that is thrown over the territory. Some lions like to lay in the depressions of the hills on a hot day, but they have to deal with the chance of getting hit by a lion who decides to roll down the hills; a common activity with younger lions.

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No New Posts Jagged Cliffs

The Cliffs have been know to harbor the Rogue Band lions, it was abandoned for awhile, but now re-discovered. This isn’t an idea place to raise young cubs, but is perfect for the protection of newborns it is difficult to travel easily through the crags and paths if one doesn’t know the area well. The Cliffs’ jutted rocks open to reveal a nice sized space below them which provide a little privacy and cuts out some of the warm sunlight. It can be fairly dark, especially at night, but it helps keep predators and enemies at bay. A small stream flows through the center of the Cliffs, providing it’s inhabitants with fresh water.

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No New Posts Tristen Crevice

Among the destruction caused by Starlight’s most recent natural disaster the Crevice has been reinstated. Though the majority of the crevice is filled up with water the ample lands around it are home many grasslands and hills along the rocky terrain to house another pride of lions. The crevice which has filled up is now a good supply of water for the lions which make their home here, on one side of the crevice are the rocky hills, and on the other are some grassy flatlands that rest near the borders of the burnt arena. There is also some minor flooding on the rocky hills of the crevice which made its way down from the former Ridge.

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No New Posts Carrlin Vale

After the volcanoe hit Carrlin Vale was thought to be destroyed; however, after years and years of being able to grow Carrlin Vale has reblossomed into likely the most beautiful land in Starlight. A long stream runs through these lands and meets the river that runs into the Falls. A small valley beside Ambalar Mountain belongs to the Vale, the greenary is lush and lovely and attracts a lot of prey. Carrlin Vale is likely the best place to go for a new start; however it has yet to be discovered.

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No New Posts Cerulean Hole

As a popular place of social activities, the Cerulean Hole is a fairly popular place for lions to go during the summer. The Hole is basically a large oval of clear water which lions like to either swim in or drink. A few palms loom over the large body of water accompanied by a few scattered boulders and large groups of strubs. There was a rumors that there was a secret cave hidden a few feet under the water, but it hasn't been clarified. A few cattails grow from the sides of the water, but one has to be careful in case of a snake.

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No New Posts Burnt Arena

Most all lions know that all business here is 'dirty business'. The Burnt Arena harbors most of the bloody battles in Starlight, and still lions come here to face off in a battle for love, power or their pride. The territory has a violent or dark feel to it; the large ring of dead and blood stained grass giving the Arena's past some recognition. The grass is extremely short; no new grass had been able to grow due to the trampling paws of lions and the slight mat the grass makes from being flattened. Occasionally there is a bone or two scattered on the ground, depending on weither or not a tragedy has taken place in the Arena.

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No New Posts Ambalar Mountain

Ambalar Mountain, or Ambalar Volcano, is a large mass of rock and ash that forms towards the middle of the Pridelands. Long ago since the mountain showed itself to be a volcano, the size grew slightly due to the formation of hard rock by the molten lava. Even so, the territory around it is still as beautiful as ever. A field of flowers sits around the base of the hard rock, said to contain memories of the lives lost during the eruption. Some fear that the mountain may errupt again, but even so it is a popular place to explore and spend time. The mountain was once home to a pride, but the pride was wiped out. Now the lands are empty.

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No New Posts Endless Plains

Most lions tend to hunt in the Endless Plains due to the fact most prey roam around this area. The grass is slightly short due to the prey population eating at the green grasses, but there are some large patches of tall golden grass which is used for hiding. The Plain is a large piece of territory, which is why some seem to call it the 'Endless' plains. There is a small lake that formed towards the northwest side of the plains, and this is pretty much the waterhole for the prey and the occasional lion.

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No New Posts Salt Marshes

The Salt Marshes lay south of Mystal Ridge, north of the area once called Mirratt Hills and east of the crevice once named Tristen. It is a harazardess place, not often visited by lions. The marshes are a veritable bog-land stretching across a large area. Sink holes, stagnant pools of water and heavy banks of mud are its defining features, each as dangerous as the next to even the most travelled of lions. Shrubby low lying plants litter the area whilst the muck and foul water clouds all scents with the acrid smell of salt and rotten vegetation. The water itself is as great a danger as the sink holes and dangerous footing. Should a lion drink the water he would find himself twice as thirsty as he had been and craving more.

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No New Posts Keating Summit

The Summit is somewhat for thrills, and it's not a popular place for young cubs. The summit is somewhat like the gorge but a little more dangerous. A large pillar of stone hovers over a gap in the earth, and it is often a place sought out for seclusion. Grass doesn't grow close to the edge of the Summit, and it seems to be just sunbaked soil that has dried up. This is another place that seems to be cool compared to the hotter area's of Starlight despite the fact there is no abundant foliage.

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No New Posts Specter's View

Specter's View is a legend within the territory of Starlight Pridelands. When you first walk into the area it seems fairly desolate with a plain sunbaked ground ahead of you with a few shrubs that still manage to grow in harsh conditions. As you go further in you can see a large baobab tree sitting in the center of the territory. It is said to contain the spirits of the pridelands, and it is said to be the foundation of an old and new Starlight. Sometimes it is said that a spirit will console the living in their time of need, but it doesn't always happen. It is more like a rare event.

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No New Posts Ancient Falls

The Falls are almost a mystifying place and often lions come to bask in the serenity of it. There is a large pool of cerulean blue waters that are fairly deep the closer you get to the waterfall, but shallow towards the edges of the land. The waterfall pours from high above, sputtering from a large mass of rocks which hold large jutting ridges to rest on. Though it is advised to take caution when going to one due to the fact moisture makes it slippery. There isn’t much life in the water except for a few native fish and perhaps a few insects and such. Reeds and cattails loom over the water from the edge of the land.

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No New Posts Kalden Gorge

Kalden Gorge gets it's name from what Starlight used to be called back in the day. The Gorge is basically a large cut within the dry earth which holds a river that runs through the bottom of the gorge. There are large jagged edges that jut out of the thick rocky walls that lions wander down to get to the water that lies at the bottom. There is a rumor that there are a couple of caves down there that lions once used to sleep in. Cubs should be watched in a place like this, it is easy to misplace a paw and plummit down.

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